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Bedroom Spring Refresh & SleepX Mattress Review

Bedroom Spring Refresh & SleepX Mattress Review


Spring is officially here and I thought what better time to give our bedroom a refresh and spring clean. I love rearranging spaces and adding some new decor to give a room a fresh feeling. I am probably bias but this is my favourite look for our bedroom so far! 😊

When redoing a space I try to use from what decor we have around our home before adding some new pieces. Here I have used our current Bed Frame, DIY Kmart Ladder, European Pillowcovers, Lamp, Vase and Books. I have then added some new pieces being our gorgeous new Bedside Table, a new candle (with a spring scent to match) and some fresh linen in the form of a new Quilt Cover, Cushions and Throw.

Aside from rearranging our bedroom and adding some new pieces we also spring cleaned our bedroom by:

  • Removing everything from our bedroom (except for our bed frame)

  • Stripping our bed and washing all of the linen

  • Vacuuming the room, under our bed and our bed head

  • Dusting any surfaces and decor

  • Unboxing our new mattress from SleepX and allowing it a few hours to decompress fully (In this instance you could instead clean your mattress and allow a few hours for it to dry/breathe)

  • Opening up our windows to give the space some fresh air

  • Placing new/washed bedding on our bed

  • Adding decor back into the space including a couple of new pieces to give the room a fresh feel


Listed below are the new products I’ve used in our bedroom refresh with links to each product. (Click on image for link to product) 💐


It was also the perfect opportunity to unbox our new mattress from SleepX. We were so excited to collaborate with SleepX after having a Double sized mattress on a Queen sized bed frame for almost 2 years since moving out of home. (Y’all know how expensive it is setting up a home when you first move out so sadly a new mattress was at the bottom of our list of many things to buy).

We chose the Queen sized Mattress in Balance Medium. I must admit at first my partner and I were skeptical about a mattress coming in a box, what the quality would be like and if it would be really thin. We can both honestly say that SleepX has exceeded all of our expectations!

SleepX offers a 4 hour metro delivery nationwide though my partner and I thought surely not Perth, anyone who lives in Perth knows our struggle.. try a few weeks for anything! 🤣 Sure enough our new mattress arrived within a matter of hours even being outside of Perth Metro.

Unboxing only took a few minutes and the mattress was mostly decompressed as soon as we had removed it from the box, we then left it for a few hours to fully decompress before sleeping on it that night. Naturally Frankii was the first to give our new mattress a test run!

We have been sleeping on our SleepX mattress for 2 weeks now, both my partner and I are so happy with the quality and comfort. We have also noticed due to the weight distribution minimising disturbances we no longer wake up when one another goes to the toilet in the middle of the night. We have been enjoying it so much so that we are falling asleep before turning the lamp off at night and sleeping in a lot more.. oops. 🙊

One of the things I love most about our SleepX mattress is that it has a removal cover that can be washed which is something we’ve never had on any of our other mattresses before and will make cleaning our mattress so easy! 🙌🏻 It’s also perfect for in summer (fake tan lovers, night sweaters 💦 and those with children).

For more information on SleepX and their products visit https://sleepx.com.au

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